10 Brooklyn stations won’t have overnight L train service for nine weekends

July 8, 2019

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A large part of the L line in Brooklyn will not be available during overnight hours for nine weekends, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Saturday. Starting on July 16, there will be no L service from midnight to 5 a.m. between Broadway Junction and Lorimer Street spread out across nine different weekends until January. L train service has been reduced since April when the 15-month reconstruction and partial shutdown of the Canarsie Tunnel began.

According to the agency, which announced the service changes in its “L Project” newsletter, the closure of ten stations overnight in Brooklyn allows for improvements to be made. “This work was always part of the L project, and we’re able to set the dates for it now based on our progress and other work going on,” the newsletter reads.

Repair work includes reconstructing platform edges, adding new tactile strips, and installing boarding areas that meet ADA standards at Morgan Avenue, DeKalb Avenue, Halsey Street, and Bushwick-Aberdeen stations. The MTA said it is also almost finished connecting two new substations to power in Brooklyn, allowing for more L trains to run once the project is complete.

During select weeknights between midnight and 5 a.m., the L train operates in two parts: every 20 minutes between 8 Avenue and Lorimer Street and every 20 minutes between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Parkway. There will be a bus running every three minutes between Broadway Junction and Lorimer Street.

From midnight on Saturday to 5 a.m. on Monday, the L train will operate in the same two sections, except commuters should head to the J platform at Broadway Junction to go further into Brooklyn. Two buses will run, one between Broadway Junction and Myrtle Avenue and another between Myrtle and Lorimer Street.

See the full schedule of planned L service changes below:


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