Zaha Hadid Wants to Change Billboard Advertising with Her Signature Curves

December 1, 2014

Zaha Hadid has just unveiled one of her smallest structures to date: an advertising billboard featuring all the shiny swoops and curves that have come to define her architectural style. Though at first glance the design comes off as a little bulky, Hadid actually describes it as a “slim dynamic form” that makes way for public improvements such as a more open, safer, and de-cluttered sidewalk. Though the billboard is part of a proposal destined for West London, New Yorkers who love Hadid will appreciate her bold claim that the design will “create a new genre in the roadside advertising canon.”


“The form entails a twisted ribbon wrapping around the screen with the display capable of blending into the form, enhancing the form, and moving beyond the traditional rectangular advertising format,” Hadid said of the work in a statement. It also uses a single digital advertising screen hugged within bands of matte finish metal, while a strip of light installed on the back side provides for sidewalk lighting.


Hadid worked with international street advertising firm JCDecaux to develop the design. JCDecaux has a number of billboards throughout NYC, more than a handful of which are not far from the equally conspicuous condos she has planned along the High Line Park. Could these one day be a new marker for our fair city?

[Via BD Online]

Images courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects

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