‘Workplace of the Future’ Winner Attaches Health-Conscious Sky Gardens to Existing Buildings

January 30, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stock up on kale during the workday without having to wait on the lunchtime line at Whole Foods? If Organic Grid+, the winner of Metropolis magazine’s “Workplace of the Future” design competition, comes to fruition you’ll be able to grow your own greens at the office while taking in the various other health benefits that the proposed sky gardens afford.

Conceived by London-based interior designers Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson, Organic Grid+ proposes a flexible office layout, health-conscious technology, and glass sky gardens that latch onto existing buildings–all with the goal of improving the physical and mental well-being of employees as well as changing “the negative associations of working in open-plan offices.”

Organic Grid+, Workplace of the Future

Organic Grid+, Workplace of the Future

The design takes into account the basic interior office layout, proposing a flexible layout with mobile desks and walls that can be adapted to the changing needs of a company. Health-conscious plug-ins are technology worn by employees to monitor their overall well being and make healthy suggestions throughout the day, ultimately reducing sick days and increasing productivity.

Organic Grid+, Workplace of the Future

Organic Grid+, Workplace of the Future

But of course it’s the glassy sky gardens that make this design a winner. They provide fresh food through traditional and vertical gardens, natural cooling and acoustic buffering throughout the building, and a pleasant, naturally-lit space for employees to gather. The plug-ins work in conjunction with the gardens; for example, the technology will share the health benefits of onions and allow people to interact with informative digital displays.

We can just see it now–March Madness pools being replaced with bets for who can grow the largest tomato.

[Via Designboom]

Images via Sean Cassidy and Joe Wilson 

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