Wobble-Up Will Be Your Favorite Seat and Carpet All-in-One

November 5, 2015

Anybody who’s moved apartments in NYC has likely asked themselves the question, “How did we even get that in here?” And it’s not uncommon in this city for people to literally give away their furniture to any party willing to deal with its relocation. Enter Wobble-up, a transforming carpet-to-chair that will not only fit through any hallway, but also adorn your floors and provide a comfy place to relax. Wobble-up was developed by Sam Linders, a recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, and was inspired by her preference to sit on her carpet rather than the sofa while watching TV.

Sam Linders, Wobble-Up, transforming furniture

Sam Linders, Wobble-Up, transforming furniture

As described by Linders, “Wobble–up shows flexibility and playfulness in a contemporary form for an adaptable living environment.” The carpets can be transformed into three-dimensional shapes that provide “wobbling” sitting spots. They are made from mechanically punched plastic with the applied ancient craft of traditional embroidery. The designs use blocks of color highlighting the plastic grid for a fresh, playful aesthetic. Each square is trimmed with a velcro border, allowing the user to easily piece tiles together as flooring, or fold it into itself in the form of a chair.

Sam Linders, Wobble-Up, transforming furniture

See more work from this inspiring young designer on her website.


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