Vote to Bring the East River Skyway to SXSW 2016!

August 18, 2015

These are the facts: NYC subways still run on 1930s technology, the delays are getting longer, and there’s no stopping the residential development boom happening not only in Manhattan, but also in Brooklyn. If you’ve commuted from Brooklyn to Manhattan (and vice-versa) during rush hour you know that the subway ride is a nightmare. That’s why we need the East River Skyway, an aerial gondola system that would run along the Brooklyn waterfront and into Manhattan, bringing commuters over the river in just 3.5 minutes.

The project is being led by Dan Levy, the president and CEO of CityRealty* and a Williamsburg resident, who noticed while skiing how quickly gondolas moved and how comfortable they were. He has spent several years investigating the technology and completed preliminary studies to see what it would take to adapt a similar system to meet the needs of New York City. What he found was that implementation would be relatively inexpensive and quickly deployable.

The East River Skyway is up for consideration to present at the 2016 South by Southwest® Conference, but it needs your votes. With enough votes, you can bring the East River Skyway to SXSW in March—a great platform for getting the word out and gaining the support needed to get this proposal off the ground.

Cast your vote (and comment) here! Voting closes on Friday, September 4th so get to clicking. You can learn more about the project in our article we wrote last year and about SXSW here.



*Disclosure: CityRealty is 6sqft’s publisher

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