Travelbox Is a Compact Hotel That Weighs Only 132 Pounds

May 12, 2015

Want to get away this summer, but don’t have the bucks to throw down for a hotel? Consider Travelbox. The compact, lightweight (at 132 pounds it weighs less than the average person) structure has everything you need to comfortably travel on a budget. Designed by the architects of Austrian firm Juust, Travelbox contains a bike, bed, table, chair, and storage, all of which fit into its contemporary wood and aluminum-clad frame that measures just 6.8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 1.3 feet wide.

Travelbox, Juust, portable living

Juust told Arch Daily: “Rather than being dependent on continually purchasing new furniture in each of your destinations – an approach that is both expensive and environmentally wasteful – the Travelbox prioritizes quality and provides the opportunity for re-use. Through its long life, the Travelbox picks up the marks of its many resting places and becomes an essential component of the adventurer’s journey.”

Travelbox, Juust, portable living

The sturdy frame can withstand the bumps of travel, but upon arrival it easily unfolds into your pop-up hotel.

Travelbox, Juust, portable living

When you’re not on the go, Travelbox can serve as necesary furniture in the home. The frame functions as a storage unit and room divider with built-in bed, and the table looks just as nice as your average dining table.

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[Via Arch Daily]

Photos © Juust


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