Tiny Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Folds Down to Fit Inside a Backpack (And It’s a Comfy Ride!)

November 21, 2014

We’ve featured some foldable bikes on 6sqft in the past, but this cool new design from Impossible Technologies takes things to a whole new level. Not only does it fold down small enough to fit into a backpack, but it’s also all-electric and easy to ride!

Made with carbon fiber, the Impossible bicycle features a futuristic circular-design that’s built for a nice and comfy ride. The components of the bike are connected at a central steel box that gives the bicycle a load-bearing point for even weight distribution. A small seat unfolds and aligns with the adjustable handlebars to fit riders of all heights, and when all of the components are folded down, they tuck in neatly along the central box.

folding electric impossible bike 0

The bike boasts a max speed of 15.6 miles per hour and runs on rechargeable batteries that provide enough juice for a 45-minute commute. And though that may not seem like much, in an urban setting like NYC, it’s the perfect alternative to pedaling on a hot day or undertaking a stuffy subway commute.

Interested in taking one for a spin? Get an early edition of this ride through Impossible Technology’s Kickstarter Campaign here. So far they’ve got 552 backers and more than $229,000 raised.

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[Via Dezeen]

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