This Seesaw Table Was Designed to Keep You Alert During Meal Times

Posted On Mon, October 12, 2015 By

Posted On Mon, October 12, 2015 By In Design, Furniture

It may not be ideal for that already-awkward Tinder date, but this cool seesaw table, also known as De Tafelwip, is perfect when vying for a loved one’s full attention. The table’s design was inspired by Dutch designer Marleen Jansen’s thesis project called “being forced voluntarily” that examined the subject of table manners. Her intention was to create a product that would inherently prevent people from walking away from the table while eating dinner, and as far as we can tell, she was certainly successful in this pursuit.

Marleen-Jansen, sea saw table,  Tafelwip

Marleen-Jansen, sea saw table, Tafelwip

The project is playful and provides an interesting commentary on our ability to be engaged during meal times. Read more about this project and others from Marleen Jansen on her website.


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