The Sill’s Valentine’s Day Collection is perfect for the special plant-parent in your life

February 1, 2021

All photos courtesy of The Sill

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen a growing number of plant moms and dads over the past year, with everyone staying home and looking for added comfort (and company!). So this February 14th, ditch the roses and get that special someone a plant gift that will last longer than a week. The Sill has put together a Valentine’s Day Collection, and it’s just as good as you’d imagine, from the world’s longest blooming houseplant (how romantic is that?!) to an actual heart-shaped plant to a petite rose bush.

Hoya Heart

The Sill’s adorable mini living heart is a rooted cutting from the Hoya kerrii plant.

Pink Anthurium

The world’s longest blooming houseplant, the Anthurium is rarely without its showy blooms.

Petite Knock Out® Rose

The Sill’s take on a dozen roses, this petite rose bush can be enjoyed indoors and brought outside to bloom again in spring. It lasts much longer than a traditional bouquet.

Ficus Tineke

Arguably the next “it” ficus, the Tineke is easier to care for than the infamous fiddle leaf fig and has beautiful pink and green variegation.

Calathea Dottie
This adorable variety of calathea has medallion-shaped leaves with bright pink stripes; it’s also pet-friendly and safe for furry valentines.

Silver Satin

This quick-growing, trailing plant has a silvery variegation that reflects light.


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