SPACE T2: A 1959 hunting shack transformed into an off-grid studio by Steven Holl

January 22, 2017

Space T2 is a minimal artist studio located in Rhinebeck, NY. Steven Holl Architects built the off-grid cabin using what remained of a 1959 hunting shack, dressing the exterior in a sleek black wood skin while keeping the interior core a cool and contrasting white. The tiny abode rests on a handful of stilts that have been embedded in the sloping earth below.


Space T2 is located on a 28-acres of forest. Holl developed the design as a study of light and space, and as such it features seven “light turrets”; four cubic skylights thrust upward, two cubic bays thrust outward and an east-facing light catcher that also constitutes the entry. In all, the space measures 750 square feet.


Although boxy and rectangular at first glance, the studio uses a T-shaped layout to extend the space. And while it’s been covered with pitch-black tar paper, on the inside, a white-painted plywood interior creates a clean and serene background for producing art.


Completely off-grid, the cabin has no heating, electricity or plumbing. Holl wanted the space to be dedicated to the creation of art and the preservation of the surrounding landscape.

Images courtesy of Steven Holl Architects


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