Rudolf Stefanich’s SONO Could Help Block Out City Noise and Keep Your Home Quiet

September 2, 2014

If you’re one of the many who love city living but constantly curse the stress-inducing sounds of construction, car horns, garbage trucks, and yelling children, SONO will restore your sanity and bring your home to the pin drop quiet, peaceful state only found in the suburbs. Designed by Rudolf Stefanich, this pebble-shaped device could be applied to all of your home’s windows, turning them into a comprehensive noise canceling system.

sono-noise-cancelling-system-by-rudolf-stefanich 7

The SONO allows users to control, or completely eliminate, the sounds that pass through their home. The device works similarly to noise canceling headphones, using tiny microphones that can pick up and wipe out ambient sounds. The SONO, however, takes the technology to a whole new level by counter-vibrating the window it’s stuck to in order to silence any sound coming from outside. To power the device, concentric broadband antenna rings harvest the energy of electromagnetic noise from Wi-Fi and similar signals.

Unfortunately, the SONO is only a working prototype at the moment, but Stefanich’s 2013 trials have shown a reduction of 12 decibels per SONO. The design was also recognized as a James Dyson Award finalist last year.

There’s still quite a ways to go with this one, but with a jackhammer going off right outside our office window as we type, we personally can’t wait for this device to be market ready.

More information on the design can be found on Rudolf Stefanich’s project page here.

Images courtesy of Rudolf Stefanich

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  1. A

    Please have this be available soon!

  2. B

    i would love to have this device asap

  3. T

    thäts awesome, wanna buy

  4. K

    when can i buy this product

  5. T


  6. A

    Why tease us? How soon will this be out on the market?

  7. E

    Please make this device available asap!
    It could literally save the quality of my life.

  8. K

    Finally, a devise made to save those of us who love the sounds of silence.

  9. L

    I too, look forward to the quietness the Sono offers. Hope it comes to market.

  10. M

    where ça ni by IT ?

  11. T

    Yes! Please get this out there for all that suffer from the “fountain on steroids”!

  12. H

    Any news on when its going to be available yet?

  13. U

    Don’t bother waiting around, the original article was released in 2012, but nothing else has been stated about its development, we’d be lucky if it comes out at all.

  14. J

    where can we buy it

  15. G

    Is it ready or still a project?

  16. D

    When will it be ready as a product? It is BADLY needed; I consider it to be one of the most important and useful inventions of this century!

  17. J

    I am living in Midtown Manhattan and along with the increased gregarious homeless population Mayor De Blasio created, he also has created a cacophony of noise that probably can be heard in the far reaches of other galaxies. Please, I entreat you for the sanity of the world, speed up this prototype process. May I humbly suggest you come out with generations, such as smartphones do, of these precious little sanity savior devices.

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    I believe you hold in your hands the power to revive the nearly dead housing market as well as reduce the rate of violent crimes in every U.S. region with your unique invention. I’ve lived both urban and rural, and can tell you that city clamor compares favorably to the constant roar of motorcycles, monster pickups and various machinery along Country-Charm Road. If only I could wish my neighbor’s leaf-blower into the cornfield (sigh)…I do hope this miraculous little gizmo is available soon.

  19. D

    Look Whisper – The noise canceler.
    this is a video demonstration