VIDEO: Ride the Elevator Up to the Marriott Marquis’ Secret 55th Floor

October 28, 2015

The Marriott Marquis may not have the illustrious, storied past of NYC’s landmarked hotels like The Plaza or the Algonquin, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep its fair share of secrets. As you probably know, the Times Square locale is famous for its spectacular high-tech Schindler Miconic 10 elevators which zip passengers up and down the building while offering incredible views over the hotel’s massive atrium lobby below. While the building is said to be just 48 floors tall, rumor has it there’s actually a secret 55th floor that no regular person has been to before. Could it be true? One intrepid guest of the Marriott was daring enough to find out.

You Tube user and urban adventurer Trans +PLUS writes: “Elevator car G at the Marriott Marquis has been rumored to go up to a secret 55th floor that no one’s gone to before. Car F’s highest floor is 49, which is confirmed as suzzex filmed himself going to the 49th floor in that car, so I had to check out Car G, the only other car (besides the service elevators) that goes up to the View restaurant on 48 and the secret floors above and below it. The fire operation panel, where all the elevators’ floor buttons are, was open on Car G, so, while it was sad to see it (the fire operation panel) only went up to 49 like Car F, we still got a ride up to the secret, real highest floor at the Marquis.”

Check it out:

You really only see the space for a split second, and honestly, it’s not much more than what looks like storage or office space, but clearly the rider got quite a thrill as his elevator car slipped into the elevator’s dark, concrete chamber.

Commenters on the video muse about trying to reach the floor as well, some saying they almost got busted for their bold move, others revealing how it’s done (hit “55 on the third floor” they say). Another adds that the elevator actually just goes to the 49th floor, and 55 is the code to get there, not the actual floor you arrive on.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to figure this mystery out next time you’re at the hotel, but…


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