QUIZ: What NYC suburb should you move to?

August 29, 2016

When 6sqft recently looked at a study pertaining to why millennials are leaving cities, we learned that to this generation, factors such as safety, education and health are more important than fashion, food and nightlife. Though it may sound surprising, it points to a shift in urbanites deciding to relocate to the surrounding areas in search of this quality of life. For members of this generation, or anyone else hoping to jump on the suburbanization train, a new site called PicketFencer asks a series of simple questions to determine which of 600 suburbs within commuting distance to NYC will be best suited.

PicketFencer, NYC suburbs, suburb quiz

The questions are pretty basic: Where do you want live? (Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, or Westchester/Rockland); how do you want to commute? (train, bus, or drive); max commute time; how many children you have and what your school preferences are; community needs (liberal vs. conservative, creative vs. professional, walkability, crime rate, etc.); are you renting or buying?; and how many bedrooms/bathrooms/acres do you require?

After filling out the questionnaire, users will receive their personalized suburb recommendation. For those looking to browse, you can do so based on commute time, school rating, and region.


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