Poorex’s Tripod Furniture Makes a Statement on Three Legs

November 3, 2014

As New Yorkers, we’re always on the hunt for space-saving furniture, but oftentimes those pieces don’t quite meet our design esthetics. The Tripod Furniture collection, however, is an exception.

Created by Polish design studio Poorex, the beach wood furniture puts a contemporary twist on the classic photography stand. The collection includes a lamp, clock, an adjustable mirror, two types of tables, and a toy. And since the pieces are able to expand and contract, the user can modify the tripod’s height and angle to their specific needs, as well as fold it up for easy storage.

Poorex, Tripod Furniture

Poorex, Tripod Furniture

The Tripod Furniture pieces are supported by a 45-cm-high stand, and when opened the legs spread to 30 cm wide. All of the elements that join the wooden parts are 3D printed. The “numbers” on the clock are creatively composed from a series of rubber bands and dowels.

Poorex, Tripod Furniture

The elementary tripod bases can be used to support various tabletops and different configurations, perfect for on-the-go set ups or those big family dinners when you need to take that extra table out of the closet.

See more designs from Poorex here.

Photos courtesy of Poorex

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