POLL: Will You Miss the MetroCard Swipe?

April 13, 2016

The ye-olde MetroCard swipe has made national headlines in recent weeks, thanks to Hilary Clinton’s inability to get through the turnstile and Bernie Sanders’ belief that we’re still in the dark ages using subway tokens. The fact that these snafus are so attention-grabbing goes to show how intrinsic the simple act of swiping a MetroCard is to New Yorkers’ daily lives, which makes today’s announcement that the MTA is seeking proposals for ways to pay for subway rides with “contactless media” like smart cards or mobile devices all the more emotionally charged. Though the Post notes that this wouldn’t take effect until at least 2021, 6sqft wants to know if you’ll lament the days of “please swipe again.”

Turnstile image via Phil Hollenback/Flickr; Hillary Clinton image via FiveThirtyEight/Twitter

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  1. L

    What about people who don’t have a smart phone?

  2. L

    Completely doing away with a Metro Card is another stupid idea of the MTA. There are people who don’t want to use their smartphone. And to say you’re opening all the doors on buses – way to give the fare beaters even easier ways to sneak on without paying their fares. You’re going to invest all that money to do away with the Metro Cards – how about spending that money to effectively clean those filthy trains. How about having elevators and escalators installed in stations that have excessive stairs and no elevators for handicapped people, elderly people, people with suitcases and baby carriages? The MTA are really so ineffective and the transit system in NYC still is awful. Daily signal problems, trains with mechanical difficulties, stalled trains, track fires. The Metro Card is the LEAST of your problems!

  3. B

    Not EVERYONE possess smartphones and credit cards! What will be THEIR options for boarding a bus or subway train…FAREBEATING, PERHAPS?