Orwell Hybrid Bed-Sofa-Cabin Recaptures the Intimacy of Home

October 8, 2014

The Orwell is a delightful design that combines the best of a sofa, bed, and cabin into one well-rounded piece of furniture. Designers Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula selected the name Orwell in reference to the surname of the ‘1984’ writer and the impetus of the product idea “to recapture the intimacy which can sometimes be lost, even within our own homes.” The piece is not only a place to sit or lie down, but it’s also an invitation to climb inside and revisit the pillow-fort of your childhood.

goula figuera orwell sofa bed

This restful hybrid is similar in size and shape to a bed and comes complete with heavy quilted curtains that can be used to cover the front side opening when users are looking to find solace from outside sounds. The multi-functional resting den was designed to compliment your regular routine and support your well-being throughout the day. Solid cushions line the interior making it easy to utilize the space for work or rest.

goula figuera orwell sofa bed

This hybrid design creates new ways of seeing and interacting with pieces that were previously separate from each other. And, weather you are by yourself or with a friend, the Orwell provides an unexpected  way to create new relationships within our already existing living space.

See more work from Goula & Figuera here.

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    Where do I buy this???

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    What an extraordinary higgh altitude real estate!