MTA to roll out fare-capping pilot program for OMNY this month

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Posted On Tue, February 8, 2022 By In Policy, Transportation

Image courtesy of Marc A. Hermann / MTA on Flickr

In an effort to get riders back on the New York City subway system, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has introduced a pilot fare-capping program that they believe will be “more affordable, more flexible, and more fair.” Starting on February 28, subway or bus riders who use the OMNY contactless payment system 12 times within a seven-day period will be automatically upgraded to an unlimited pass for the rest of that week. The fare-capping program will last for at least four months.

Image courtesy of Marc A. Hermann / MTA on Flickr

All OMNY users will start accumulating the benefits once the fare cap program begins without any need for sign-up. Commuters using the contactless payment system will pay the standard $2.75 per ride for their first twelve trips, after which their fare will be capped at $33 which is the same price as a weekly unlimited pass.

“Bringing riders back to mass transit depends on three variables – reliability, safety and price. We’ve made it a priority to get creative on fares,” Janno Lieber, Chair and CEO of the MTA, said. “Transit affordability is also an equity issue, and we are committed to providing a wide range of new discounts, while ensuring the MTA maintains a solid bottom line.”

Free transfers between subways and buses will continue to be offered, but will only count as one trip towards the twelve needed to reach the fare cap.

“Fare capping will save many of our riders money and give them more flexibility,” Sarah Meyer, MTA Chief Customer Officer, said. “At a time when New Yorkers are paying more for everyday items, the MTA is helping them save money on transportation, one of their most essential expenses.

The MTA is also offering three promotional fare discounts for Long Island Rail and Metro-North Rail Road riders that aim to encourage rail ridership within the city, starting on February 25.

  • A new 20-trip ticket will offer 20 percent off comparable 20 peak one-way fares when purchased through MTA eTix, or at a ticket window.
  • Monthly tickets, which are currently discounted between 48 percent and 61 percent of the price of a comparable number of one-way peak tickets, will be discounted by an additional 10 percent.
  • CityTicket, which offers a reduced, flat fare for rail travel within New York City on weekends, will be extended to all weekday off-peak trains at a fare of $5.
    • This is a $2.25 or 31 percent discount from Metro-North’s current weekday fare between the Bronx and Manhattan, which is $7.25.
    • This is a $2.75 or 35 percent discount from the LIRR’s current weekday fare between eastern Queens and Manhattan or Brooklyn, which is $7.75.

As the program plays out, the MTA will evaluate its success and could potentially make it a permanent addition to the city’s public transit system.

The MTA launched the OMNY system in May 2019. The tap-and-go fare payment is now available systemwide at all subway stations and all buses.

But according to the Staten Island Advance, the MTA’s Senior Director of New Payment Systems Amy Linden said in January that the full implementation of the program was taking longer than expected and the project’s completion would be pushed back by 15 months. Additionally, the cost of the project increased by $100 million.


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