Morpholio’s Innovative Mood Board App Lets You Design Your Entire Apartment on an iPad

August 18, 2014

The brilliant minds over at The Morpholio Project are at again, and this time they’ve introduced a real doozy to their already impressive suite of design apps. Devised for interior design professionals and design enthusiasts alike, this ground-breaking new application is pretty much like Pinterest on steroids, but made for the tech savvy who never stop creating. Featuring an incredible cloud library of over 1,000 top-notch curated design products and a highly refined suite of editing tools, this powerful app allows you to pull images of everything from furniture to materials to complete backdrops, onto a digital board that can be manipulated and transformed into a one of a kind vision: your own. The app was launched today and is now available at the Apple store for free!

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Called Morpholio Board, the tool was designed as a way to help bridge the gap between research and creation, providing you with an easy and intuitive way to bring order to the chaos of trying to distill countless ideas into one beautiful design—especially in an internet age when we’re perpetually bombarded with options left and right. Better yet, all of your creations can be shared via the app’s cloud or through traditional social media channels, like Twitter and Instagram, for feedback from other creatives, enthusiasts and friends.

morpholio, board 2.0, mood board morpholio, moodboardmonday, morpholio apps

“Interior design, like other forms of creativity, is going to be simultaneously broadened and deepened. The app is giving a new accessibility to design boards, bringing in a broader audience to participate,” says Mark Collins, Co-Creator, The Morpholio Project “The integration we see between board, the web, and the products gallery also deepens the engagement and productivity at work in this kind of media.”

The tool is actually the second version of Morpholio’s moodboard and layout app for iOS. By comparison, the new release is a collaborative effort that has pulled input from world-renowned designers at Dyson, 3Form, Herman Miller and Knoll, as well as local, up-and-coming stars like Uhuru, Volk, and Token. Board also builds upon Morpholio’s core belief that working with your hands allows you to better use your intuition—an invaluable resource that is quickly falling to the wayside.

Some of the key features of Board 2.0 include:

  • Gallery: A runway of furniture, fixtures, accessories, materials, and more, that is curated by design experts, and links to official sites for reference.
  • Tag it: The board will compile an ‘Item List’ of all objects clipped from the gallery or web and email it directly to your inbox. Go to your favorite paint site and clip a color swatch, or choose an accessory anywhere on the web.
  • Conference Table: A layout option which allows you to keep objects in the margins for fast access.
  • The Portal: An amplified web clipper that allows you to pull imagery from the web, directly from Pinterest, or from your own libraries.
  • Entourage: An extensive library of people, symbols, backgrounds of any color, cork, or graph paper, and text options to add graphic polish to any layout
  • Illustrate: The ability to draw over any image, sketch, mark up, or write.
  • Broadcast: The ability to share works on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail.

“Board is a new kind of platform for creatives of all types,” say the creators. “If you design, collage, draw, pin, or blog—you will want to ‘Board’.”

So, want to give it a whirl? You can download it for free at the Apple Store here. And don’t forget to check out all of Morpholio’s other apps while you’re at it.

All images courtesy of The Morpholio Project

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