Karim Rashid’s Bump Is an All-In-One Charging Device That Can’t Get Tangled

April 22, 2016

Being away from a power cord or charger has become a source of great anxiety, and colorful product designer/architect Karim Rashid has a new device to solve some of the problems associated with our cord-ridden lives. He and partners Richard Smiedt and Phil King recently created a new company called Push and Shove. Their first product is called Bump, a wall charger and power bank that includes a one-meter cable housed perfectly in a compact frame, eliminating the tangled mess of power cords. It’s bulbous shape is reflective of Rashid’s longline of “blobjects,” a term he coined to describe his effort to soften our physical landscape.

Karim Rashid, Bump, push and shove

The simple unit consists of three main parts — a cable holder, wall plug and cable. The cord fits easily inside the silicon holder and the whole unit is small enough to fit inside your pocket.

Karim Rashid, Bump, push and shove

Karim Rashid, Bump, push and shove

When it’s time to charge, three prongs easily extend from the back of the unit, ready to plug into the wall. Bump is compatible with all USB devices and has the capability to provide up to 1.5 times of extra battery life.

See more work from Rashid and his new team here.


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