Everyday Office Furniture From Designer Emanuele Magini Doubles as Sports Equipment

October 5, 2015

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy—at least that’s what we’ve heard. Either way, why not welcome a little extra play time into your office or living space? With products like Lazy Basketball and Lazy Football from Milan-based designer Emanuele Magini, your furniture can easily double as your favorite sports equipment—and keep the fun going every day of the week.

Emanuele Magini, chair soccer

Emanuele Magini, chair soccer

As a child Magini had a passion for soccer and played every chance he got. However, as he grew older the hours he spent on the playing field were replaced by hours sitting behind a desk. Lazy Football was designed as an homage to his undying passion for the sport and as a way to make it accessible on a more regular basis. The product was made to be used both indoors and out and comes with two wire chairs, both complete with mesh nets.

Emanuele Magini, chair basketball

Although Magini’s favorite sport is soccer, that doesn’t mean that it’s everybody’s game of choice. Lazy Basketball was designed for folks who’d rather spend their work day at the basketball court instead of the soccer field. This product also does well both indoors and out, and includes an extended wire chair back and mesh net.

Magini is well know for his transformative designs, check out more of his work and unique approach to problem solving on his website.


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