‘Inception’-Inspired Coffee Table Takes the Horizonless City to New Dimensions

January 6, 2016

Inspired by the 2010 movie “Inception“, this wild wave-like coffee table was designed by Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a designer draw from the impressive visuals of this stellar film (see: ‘Inception’-Inspired Map Shows a Horizonless NYC), Mousarris is the first to take the mind-bending map concept beyond our screen and into three-dimensions.

Mousarris, who has a Bachelor Degree in Modelmaking, used a combination of wood, steel and 3D printed technology to artfully bend the cityscape into a functional coffee table.



Mousarris previously worked for Fosters and Partners as a modelmaker and for Duffy London as an assistant designer. In 2014 he decided to go into business for himself and started his own company, Mousarris, with the goal of producing high-quality pieces of furniture and other products.


See more of his work here.


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