How Does the One WTC Observatory Stack Up Against the World’s Highest Tourist Spots?

June 3, 2015

It was a big day in New York City last Friday, when the One World Trade Center Observatory officially opened to the public, welcoming New Yorkers and tourists alike to the top of the tallest building in North America. While the view from 1,250 feet up in the air seems like the apex of the world, the folks over at the Skyscraper Museum put together this fun infographic, which compares the highest publicly-accessible tourist spaces around the world, including observation decks, bars, restaurants, and other sky-high thrills. Turns out, the One World Trade Observatory ranks 9th for observation decks and 11th for all publicly-accessible spaces.

The graph is part of the Skyscraper Museum’s exhibit Ten Tops, which explores the uppermost floors of the world’s tallest buildings. They previously released an interactive timeline of these buildings called the History of Height. This new infographic, titled Top Tourist Towers, is the latest visual and educational accompaniment to the exhibit.

Top Tourist Towers, Skyscraper Museum, world's tallest buildings

As the museum notes about the graph, “The heights of observation decks are identified by black dashed lines, and publicly accessible restaurants or bars are marked with red lines. Skyscrapers with ticketed observation decks are indicated in light blue, while those with publicly accessible restaurants or bars are shown in dark blue. Telecommunications/observatory towers are indicated in red.” There’s also a corresponding list that easily breaks down heights, as well as admission prices, for these public spaces.

For more details on the buildings included on the infographic and their publicy-accessible spaces, visit Top Tourist Towers at the Skyscraper Museum.


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