Helmut Lang’s throwback “Taxi Project” collection uses real NYC cab drivers as models

December 5, 2017

Credit: Alex Lee. Image courtesy of Helmut Lang

Iconic fashion brand Helmut Lang has launched a capsule collection called the “Taxi Project,” named in celebration of the fact that the eponymous Austrian designer–though he no longer heads the company–was the first designer to advertise on top of the city’s yellow cabs starting in 1998. InStyle reports that as part of the project, actual NYC taxi drivers posed for an editorial shoot by Alex Lee, held in a body shop in Queens, in which they’re wearing the new hoodies and tee. The brand is having a giveaway of items from the sporty collection–via taxi, of course.

Photo: IAIN R. WEBB, 2000; Image courtesy of Helmut Lang

The brand has also created limited-edition items like a T-shirt and hoodie bearing an archival image by photographer Iain R. Webb that originally appeared in the book “Postcards From The Edge Of The Catwalk.” The Helmut Lang Taxi Project can be found at the brand’s web store and at select retailers. The new collection will appear on 275 taxis in the city. More information on the giveaway can be found on the brand’s social media @HelmutLang.

[Via InStyle]


All photos via Helmut Lang

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