Grand Central photography exhibit shows iconic landmarks on empty NYC streets

July 23, 2019

Image © Marc Yankus

Last Thursday, MTA Arts and Design announced a new installation going up in Grand Central Terminal. “Landmark City” showcases photographs of iconic landmark buildings that have been altered to appear on completely empty streets. The installation, by acclaimed photographer Marc Yankus, is set to run for a year in GCT’s East Dining Concourse.

Image courtesy MTA Arts & Design

“We are excited to bring this unique and thought-provoking exhibit showcasing NYC landmarks to one of the most iconic buildings of them all, Grand Central Terminal,” stated MTA Arts and Design Director Sandra Bloodworth in a statement. “This exhibit allows us to continue to engage our riders with dynamic works that inspire, and hopefully induce a pause or smile along their journey.”

The exhibit honors the buildings of the past and highlights their landmark status. By manipulating the space around the buildings, Yankus tries to “capture that time of stillness and quiet.” He explains, “It’s like traveling into another dimension. A dimension where there are few people and no cars.”

Showcasing work from his series “New York Unseen” and “The Secret Lives of Buildings,” Yankus hopes the resulting images compel “people to take notice, to look up and see the beauty of this amazing architecture. We are all so busy and distracted with our phones and stuff in our heads, walking down the street that we don’t see what’s around us anymore.”


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