Google’s Window Wonderland lets you tour Fifth Avenue holiday window displays from your home

December 9, 2016

Google Maps introduced a street-view look at NYC’s holiday windows a couple years ago, but their Shopping app has now completely revamped the feature, launching this year as Window Wonderland. The interactive tool lets users take a high-resolution digital tour of 18 stores, including audio tours from their creative directors and real-life background street noise. See the 34 hand-sculpted animals in Lord & Taylor’s “Enchanted Forest,” explore the candy and couture at Saks Fifth Avenue’s “Land of 1000 Delights,” or see the gang from South Park at Barney’s.



In order to create the interface, Google stitched together hundreds of high-res images from each store, allowing users to pan through as if they were walking next to the location. You can also zoom in to see details or use a virtual reality headset for a stereoscopic panoramic experience.

Explore Window Wonderland here. And see stills from the site in our gallery below.


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