Giza: Itai Bar-On’s Unique Modern Lighting Solution Using Industrial Materials

May 27, 2014

Israeli industrial designer Itai Bar-On‘s favorite material is concrete — a love that stems from his family’s multi-generational construction business. But when the designer decided to test the limits of aluminum, he managed to create a stunning lighting fixture that emphasizes the natural qualities of a material that’s often blasted to a sheen or bathed in a candy-colored powder paint finish.

Itai Bar-On's, Giza lamp

Bar-On’s ‘Giza’ series is based on a system of joined aluminum panels and tapered wooden blocks, perfectly fusing an industrial look with a clean modern form that still manages to maintain a soft and approachable aesthetic.

The collection of lamps come with various sized panels and shapes, and can be customized to meet a home’s lighting needs. And for those who prefer a more finished look, the lamps are also available in black and white.

+ Itai Bar-On


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