Futuristic Pod Powered by the Wind and Sun–a Viable Housing Solution?

May 27, 2015

We’ve featured plenty of live/work and portable prefab spaces on 6sqft in the past, but this tiny house designed by Nice Architects might be one of the most efficient and adaptable housing solutions we’ve seen. Called the Ecocapsule, the sleek micro-house is a totally off-grid construction that’s powered by solar and wind energy. Amazingly, at just 14.6 feet long and 7.4 feet wide, it has the potential to comfortably fit two adults. And on top of that, there’s a kitchenette, a toilet, and a shower with hot water.

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The Ecocapsule features an aerodynamic egg-like shape with integrated solar panels, topped with a 750-watt, fully retractable wind turbine. The curved shape is said to aid in rainwater and dew collection for use in the home, and built-in surface membrane water filters give the pod the ability to be plopped just about anywhere there’s a water source. The walls are also super-insulated for extreme climates, and you can even charge your electric car with its battery as you tow it. There’s even a reasonable amount of storage space built in both on the exterior and interior—though we can’t imagine more than a few outfits and your food supply fitting into the reserved area.

More interestingly, the designers point out in a press release that the capsule could easily be used as an “urban dwelling for singles in the high-rent, high-income areas like N.Y. or Silicone Valley.” Adding that it would find an ideal placement on a rooftop or in a vacant parking lot. Given the compact size and basic amenities, the pods could certainly provide for a comfortable, temporary housing solution, even filling up the city’s many vacant lots.

nice architects, ecocapsule, prefab design, off-grid,

Ecocapsule will be on display this week in Vienna at the Pioneers Festival, and Nice Architects will begin taking pre-orders in the fall. The architects expect to start shipping the capsules early next year. No word on what the price will be just yet, but we can imagine that they’ll be pretty expensive.

More from Nice Architects here.

[Via The Atlantic]

Images courtesy of Nice Architects


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