First Look at Tres Puentes Affordable Housing Development Planned For Mott Haven

June 8, 2016

The West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing is moving ahead with plans to expand their recently finished Borinquen Court senior housing complex at 285 East 138th Street in Mott Haven. Two new mixed-use buildings will be constructed on either side of the existing 145-unit building, and once complete the entire complex will be home to more than 300 affordable apartments and will be known as Tres Puentes (Three Bridges) due to its views of the Willis Avenue, Madison Avenue, and Third Avenue bridges. All housing will be reserved for the elderly or physically disabled.

Bronx Development, Mott Haven, NYC Affordable Housing

Red Top Architects have been tapped as the designers. The western building at 2550 Third Avenue will be 12 stories high and contain 119 residential units. The building will connect to Borinquen Court via a one-story wing and will have a landscaped courtyard along East 138th Street. Retail space and a new medical clinic will occupy the ground floor, while the next 11 floors will have between 9 and 14 units per floor.

Bronx Development, Mott Haven, NYC Affordable Housing

The second building will be located east of Borinquen Court at 275 East 138th Street and will rise eight stories with a total of 56 residential units. On the first floor will be the expanded community senior center, and the following seven floors will have eight apartments each. At the end of construction the entire three-building complex will cover 314,550 square feet and include 10 parking spots. Enclosed walkways will connect all three buildings and a new triangular, steel canopy outside will create an animated entryway. The expected completion year for the project is 2017.


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