First look at the glamorous, sixties-inspired guest rooms at the TWA Hotel

April 17, 2018

Image via David Mitchell

Guests staying at the TWA Flight Center Hotel will be transported back to 1962 through rooms decorated with Eero Saarinen-designed Knoll furnishings, martini bars and terrazzo-tiled bathrooms with Hollywood-style vanities. MCR and MORSE Development unveiled on Tuesday a model of the guest rooms at the hotel, located at the John F. Kennedy Airport, part of the landmark flight center’s restoration and repurposing. Scheduled to open in 2019, the 512-room hotel is found in two low-rise, wing-shaped buildings behind the flight center, an homage to Saarinen’s iconic design. The center will serve as the hotel’s lobby, measuring 200,000 square feet, the largest hotel lobby in the world. The buildings, which officially topped out last month, will have a seven-layer, soundproofed-glass facade to provide the ultimate quiet retreat.

“From the moment guests and visitors arrive at the TWA Hotel, they will find themselves immersed in the ethos of 1962’s rich culture, architecture, sights, sounds and ambiance,” Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR and MORSE, said.

The glass curtain wall of the hotel features seven panes and measures 4.5 inches thick, the second-thickest in the world. This allows guests to enjoy watching planes take off, without hearing any noise. The full-width, floor-to-ceiling windows provide the perfect view of the flight center or the runways.

The details found in the room remain some of the most impressive features of the hotel. With interiors designed by Stonehill Taylor, each room features a custom-built bar made of walnut, glass, mirrors, brushed brass and crystallized glass. And of course, the bar will be stocked with cocktail ingredients; the model room’s bar has the makings for vodka martinis.

Saarinen’s red “Womb Chair” and his 16-inch round white Pedestal tulip side table will be found in the rooms. There will also be an armless executive chair and custom walnut, brass and crystallized desk designed by Saarinen.

Other highlights include a vintage rotary phone, which will allow guests to make international and local calls for free, and the Hollywood-style bathroom, inspired by Philip Johnson’s ladies lounge in the former Four Seasons restaurant.

Rendering via MCR Development

Amenities at the TWA Hotel include six restaurants and eight bars, a repurposed Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L-1649A Starliner as a cocktail lounge and a museum focused on the midcentury modern design movement and the Jet Age. Guests will be able to enjoy a rooftop pool, 10,000-square-foot observation deck, a fitness center and access to Sarrinen’s iconic flight tubes that connect to JFK Terminal 5.


Photos of the model guest room courtesy of David Mitchell

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