12 flowering houseplants to brighten up your home

March 31, 2020

Photo courtesy of The Sill 

With New Yorkers stuck indoors with kids, work from home, and a barrage of ever-changing news, it can seem like even spring is on hold. But adding some flowering houseplants to your space is a great way to enliven it with the colors and energy of spring. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a collection of potted blooms that will make your home, and your mood, just a little brighter.

All of these products have been hand-selected by team 6sqft. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these affiliate links. All prices reflect those at the time of publishing. 

Petite Purple Orchid Dramatic, elegant orchids get plenty of attention.

Petite purple orchid, $75 from The Sill.

Petite Sunset Orchid Petite sunset orchid; $75 at The Sill.
Red Anthurium These dramatic modern blooms will make your decor sizzle.

Red Anthurium, small, $65 from The Sill.

Spanish Lavender, Jute Pot Arriving ready for display in a natural jute pot, purple Spanish lavender is as fragrant as it is vibrant.

Spanish lavender in jute pot, $62 at Terrain.

Amaryllis, Metal Urn This amaryllis bulb will add a burst of color to your home (arrives in a dormant state nestled in a gorgeous urn)

Amaryllis, Metal Urn, $58 at Terrain.

Lily of the Valley, Woven Metal Pot This delicately-scented classic says spring.

Lily of the Valley, Woven Metal Pot, $58 at Terrain.

Helleborus 'Frost Kiss Anna's Red' Plant This dark pink rose-like flower blooms from February to May.

Helleborus “Frost Kiss Anna’s Red” Plant; $78 at Terrain.

No light? No problem. In fact, the Peace Lily is nicknamed the “closet plant” since too much light can kill it. It needs minimal watering and blooms year-round.

Costa Farms 3-foot Peace Lily; $41.99 on Amazon.

Even in an NYC apartment, you can get a little tropical flair.

Costa Farms 20-inch blooming Bromeliad; $33.99 at Amazon

Paperwhites Trio, Clay Pots Arriving in a dormant state, three pots bear paperwhite bulbs ready to flower for a fragrant bloom.

Paperwhites trio, clay pots; $58.00 at Terrain.

Echeveria Preta Known for its rosette shape, this dusky succulent can survive on little more than sunshine. This variety is a dark purple-black hue, potted in your choice of earthenware planter.

Echeveria Preta, $55 at The Sill.

Add a major pop of color with these red geraniums in a matching red pot.

14”-18” red geranium, $29.79 at Amazon.

If you adore orchids but fear you aren’t up to the task of caring for your own, join The Sill for an Orchid 101 online workshop (tickets, $10) on Monday, April 6th at 7:30PM ET to learn everything you need to know about caring for your orchids at home.


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