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Ana Lisa is an independent writer and curator born in Buenos Aires and trained as an eco-designer at Goldsmiths University of London. In addition to writing for 6sqft she is a frequent collaborator at NYC’s Inhabitat, where she reports on global design week events and sustainable architecture. She also contributes to Australian BlackleMag, Argentina’s Casa Foa magazine and Inhabitots. She loves Japanese architecture and Dutch design, and is constantly in search of good ideas to share with the world. Currently she splits her time between Buenos Aires, NYC and The Netherlands.

Architecture, Getting Away, Hamptons

CWB Architects, Thai Style Southampton, Asian style, Modern Sea Front home, Thai Beach House, Southampton, Mahogany, wooden pilings, Shinnecock Bay, Atlantic Ocean

Back in 2004, a client with a taste for traveling approached CWB Architects to design a beach house with a distinctly Asian flavor, styled after houses he’d seen in Thailand and Japan. The result is this stunning, appropriately-dubbed ‘Thai Style Southampton’ home, which stands on stilts above a wetland. In addition to verandas, pointed gable roofs and Mahogany interiors, the charming home features a splendid view out to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Design, Furniture

Sander Mulder, ghostly lamp, Josephine floor lamp, transparent acrylic, acrylic furniture, color filters, glowing design,

Less is more for just about everything when it comes to cramped NYC apartments; the notable exception, of course, being light. So here’s a brilliant design that strikes a perfect balance between being hidden but also visually arresting when it needs to be. Sander Mulder‘s Josephine Lamp is a standing luminaire that takes on an almost ghostly form, only becoming apparent when one switches its on-off button.

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Architecture, Getting Away, Landscape Architecture, Upstate

Janice Parker Landscape Architects, majestic home, Hudson River Estate, Edible Gardens, Hudson River, Creeping Thymus, NYC aqueduct, fountain,

This beautiful Hudson River estate is not only a stunning gateway with sweeping views and luscious gardens, but it’s also a gardener’s home with significant historic, cultural and ecological value. The estate, which is comprised of many buildings, once served as a farm, a gentleman’s club, a nursing home and a camp before Janice Parker Landscape Architects turned it into a nature-lovers retreat. In addition to featuring expansive views of the Hudson River and being surrounded by a rolling forest and farms, the estate delves deeper into the realm of Eden with its lush carpets of creeping thymus, blooming perennials and a full assortment of edible plants.

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Furniture, Green Design

Christopher Duffy, Ocean-inspired table, Abyss Dining Table, Abyss Table, LED lights, Plexiglas, FSC wood

Furniture designer Christopher Duffy recently unveiled a new dinning table inspired by the ocean. The conversation piece, which replicates an underwater geological cross section, will add several layers of magic to any dinner party held on it.

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Architecture, Hamptons

CCS Architecture, casual modernist, Watermill Residence, Starter Home, The Hamptons, SIPS insulation panels, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, geothermal heating/air-conditioning, low carbon footprint, simple living, Cass Calder Smith, quarter-sawn oak floors, starter home

If you think the Hamptons is only for Hollywood stars who can afford the glitz and glamour of life, you might want to look at the summertime playground’s hidden gems like CCS Architecture‘s Watermill Residence. The modest retreat was designed for a developer who wanted to sell property to new buyers at a moderate price level. A perfect starter home, it offers a down-to-earth vibe thanks to the architects’ simplicity and casual modernist taste.

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Design, Furniture

Rianne Koens, Wood And Coppper, Open Wardrobe, Birchwood, Turkish inspiration,

Minimalists who’ve gotten a little carried away accumulating a few too many clothes, shoes and other goods will appreciate this streamlined wardrobe design by Rianne Koens. Called Otura Dirsek, this beautiful storage solution is inspired by, and named after, the copper gas pipes seen in Turkish homes. Rather than placing the pipes behind walls, Turkish people instead run them along the exterior, conveniently creating extra space to hang household items.

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Furniture, Green Design

Mieke Meijer, Airplane Wings inspired, Airframe 01, Dutch design, Eindhoven, oak veneer, Baars Bloemhoff, lightweight cupboard, storage cabinet

Dutch designer Mieke Meijer has created a cabinet that, while ideal for housing clothing or linens, is much more than just a storage piece. Called Airframe 01, it draws inspiration from the wings of early 20th-century airplanes, which were light, wooden structures covered with translucent white textiles.

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Architecture, Green Design, Upstate

Arjun Desai, Katherine Chia, Desai/Chia, sustainable home, modernist home, LM Guest House, Arup, Couchette car, geothermal energy, radiant floors, motorized solar shading, photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection, Dutchess County, prefabricated windows,

Manhattan-based architects Arjun Desai and Katherine Chia, the husband and wife behind Desai/Chia, were commissioned to design a Hudson Valley retreat that would combine the look and feel of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s ultra-minimalist Farnsworth House with high sustainable standards. Situated on a rock outcropping overlooking a typical stretch of Dutchess County farmland, LM Guest House is a pre-fab contemplative retreat for weekend visits. Its glazed skin affords expansive views, and among its planet-friendly features are geothermal heating and cooling, natural ventilation, solar panels, and a system for rainwater collection.

Learn more about this ultra-minimal green home

Design, Products, Technology

Flyte Is a High-Tech LED Lamp That Floats, Defying Gravity

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Wed, March 23, 2016

Simon Morris — a New York City-born, Stockholm-based scientist — has created a revolutionary wireless light bulb that floats and gently rotates while it shines. Called Flyte, a combination of Flying and Light, the magical high-tech lamp takes inspiration from Tesla‘s magnetic levitation technologies to defy gravity, hovering above a wooden base. Flyte can be switched on and off by touching its base, it need no batteries, and has an amazing lifespan of 22 years. Plus, the base doubles as a wireless charging station for smart phones and other devices.

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Design, Green Design, Products

DesignMarch, Helsinki Design Week, Stockholm Design Week, Petra Lilja, Aalto+Aalto, 1+1+1, Hugdetta, curious candleholders, bold design, collaborative, Iceland, Finland, Norway

These strange but beautiful candleholders come via a collaborative effort by designers from three different Nordic countries. Hugdetta from Iceland, Petra Lilja from Sweden, and Aalto+Aalto from Finland joined forces for an experiment entitled 1+1+1, which “examines and reimagines objects by having each studio design an object consisting of three distinct parts and then mixing the parts up into unpredictable combinations.” The result is a series of cabinets, mirrors, lamps, and these candleholders.

Learn more about these strange candleholders


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