A New York Minute With Urban Revitalization Consultant Majora Carter

January 31, 2016

6sqft’s new mini-series A New York Minute features influential New Yorkers answering spitfire (and sometimes very random) questions about their life in the big city. Want to nominate yourself or someone you know? Get in touch!

The last time we checked in with Majora Carter she was spearheading a proposal to turn Spofford Juvenile Center in Hunts Point into mixed-income housing—but that’s just a kernel on her resume. Majora is an urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster. Her 2006 TEDtalk “Greening the Ghetto,” was one of the first six videos to ever appear on TED’s website, and in it she passionately describes her solutions for environmental equality in the South Bronx. Now, fast forward ten years later, and she’s still pushing for green infrastructure projects in her beloved neighborhood. We recently caught up with Majora to find out some fun facts, including what she loves, hates and would change about New York City.

6sqft: Biggest pet peeve about living in NYC?
Majora: [That] this is the greatest city in the world.

What stereotype about New Yorkers do you embody?
Majora: People say I talk fast.

If you had to pick one touristy thing to do what would it be?
Majora: Take a picture with one of the naked painted ladies in Times Square—oops, they are not there anymore. Elmo will do.

If you could change one thing about the city what would it be?
Majora: I would add more economic diversity and social equality.

Describe your neighborhood in three words.
Majora: Resilient, friendly, undervalued.

What part of the city have you not spent much time in but would like to?
Majora: Sunnyside, Queens.

If you could invest in any part of the city, where would it be?
Majora: The South Bronx.


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Location: The Bronx

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