6sqft Gift Guide: iBlock Is a Brooklyn-Made Cutting Board That Holds Your Tablet

December 10, 2014

We were recently introduced to the term “lumbersexual,” used to describe a rising trend among males who, though they may spend no time outdoors at all, prefer to dress like upscale lumberjacks (think red flannels, stylish lace-up boots, and jeans) and buy woodsy, handcrafted goods. Does this sound like a guy you know who lives in Williamsburg or Bushwick? Well then we have the perfect rustic holiday gift for him–or anyone on your list who likes locally-made goods and cool kitchen supplies.

Made by Brooklyn Butcher BlocksiBlock serves double duty as a cutting board and tablet holder, so you can read your recipe (or watch Netflix) while chopping veggies. It’s also reversible; the raised back that holds the tablet keeps the board flush to the edge of the counter.

Nils Wessell, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, iBlock

Nils Wessell started Brooklyn Butcher Blocks after an apprenticeship with Cut Brooklyn, a local workshop that makes kitchen cutlery. He saw that customers were buying the beautiful knives and using them on cheap plastic cutting boards. Using his woodworking background, Nils decided to create his own cutting boards meant for hand-crafted, high-end cutlery.

Nils Wessell, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, iBlock

The iBlock was born out of Nils’ personal frustration with his iPad falling off its flimsy mount when he was browsing through recipes in the kitchen. He wanted the design to mimic that of a tablet, hence the marble-like finish and simplistic design. The cutting board surface is approximately 12 inches x 18 inches and comes in a variety of natural woods including walnut, maple, and cherry. There are also two finishes–edge grain and a brickwork pattern. And if you have a different type of tablet, the board can be customized to fit your needs.

Buy the iBlock here, and also be sure to check out all of Brooklyn Butcher Blocks’ wares.

Images via Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

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