300 NYC blocks to go car-free under this year’s ‘Open Streets’ program

April 25, 2023

The 31st Avenue Open Street in Astoria is 100% run by volunteer residents. Photo courtesy of the 31st Avenue Open Street Collective

Nearly 300 blocks across New York City will be closed to cars as part of the city’s 2023 Open Streets program, the Department of Transportation announced this Earth Day. This year’s program will have roughly 160 open streets, including more than 25 new locations. The program also features new redesigns of existing locations that prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and will “evolve beyond the need for metal barriers.” While the final list of open streets is still being finalized, many are expected to launch by July 1.

“Spring has sprung – and I invite New Yorkers to celebrate the warm weather on our collective front yard: our streets. We’re thrilled to continue building on the success of the Open Streets program, both with the launch of new sites across the City and through the permanent upgrades to existing locations,” Ydanis Rodriguez, DOT Commissioner, said.

“As we celebrate Earth Week, Open Streets is a shining example of how we can make our streets more vibrant and welcoming by supporting safe and sustainable transportation options.”

Neighborhoods like Bushwick and Brownsville in Brooklyn, South Jamaica in Queens, and Soundview in the Bronx will get new open street locations this year.

This year’s program will build upon the success of existing locations with new permanent redesigns that prioritize space for pedestrians and cyclists. The upgrades will be installed at the following locations:

  • Berry Street, Brooklyn
  • North 15 Street, Brooklyn
  • Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn
  • West 22nd Street, Manhattan
  • Beverley Road, Brooklyn
  • Broadway, Manhattan
  • West 103rd Street, Manhattan
  • 34th Avenue, Queens

The following locations have also been designated for improvements but for Open Streets programs in the future.

  • 34th Avenue, Queens
  • Woodside Avenue, Queens
  • Willis Avenue, the Bronx
  • Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Minthorne Street, Staten Island

New Open Street applications for 2023 include:


  • Dyckman Street (Quisqueya Plaza)
  • Hudson Boulevard East
  • Hudson Boulevard West
  • Stanton Street
  • Washington Place
  • West 128th Street
  • West 141st Street
  • West 158th Street
  • West 196th Street


  • 136th Street
  • 141st Street
  • 29th Street
  • 46th Street
  • 84th Avenue
  • Inwood Street
  • Justice Avenue

The Bronx

  • Beaumont Avenue
  • Beck Street
  • East 148th Street
  • Evelyn Place


  • Fifth Avenue
  • Harrod Place
  • Home Street
  • Seventh Street
  • Thatford Avenue
  • Troutman Street
  • Watkins Street

You can find a complete list of participating locations here. DOT is still accepting additional applicants, who can apply here.


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  1. G

    Please help. Open streets is destroying the quality of life in neighborhoods.
    It has been a nightmare in my neighborhood. Multiple businesses use weekend afternoons as an opportunity to have concerts and dance parties in the street. The music is exceptionally loud (>90dB inside my apartment on a high floor, windows closed). The music is also repetitive, with bass-heavy beats, banging for 4-5 hours in the late afternoon and through dinner time.
    This is a quality of life issue for all the local residents who are forced to listen to ear-damaging noise through late afternoon and evening. Businesses have been completely non-responsive. 311 and NYPD, non-responsive. Office of the mayor, non-responsive. Residents would like to enjoy some peace in their homes during the weekend.

    Is there a specific contact person or office for issues related to open streets excessive noise?
    Is there a remedy to this?
    Are there any rules?
    I cannot seem to find anything on line.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance on how to address this issue effectively.

    A desperate new yorker….