10 modern menorah designs for Hanukkah 2016

December 7, 2016

Our ongoing series Apartment Living 101 is aimed at helping New Yorkers navigate the challenges of creating a happy home in the big city. In anticipation of Hanukkah, we’ve rounded up ten modern menorahs for the design-minded. 

For thousands of years, people all over the globe have been celebrating Hanukkah (a.k.a. Festival of Lights), and this year’s festivities are just around the corner. While the holiday invites participants to join in on a variety of joyful traditions like playing dreidel and eating potato pancakes, the eight-night event is centered around the lighting of the menorah. From emojis and dinosaurs, to elegant branches and minimal blocks, you can find a menorah in almost any style these days—so why not give the ancient nine-tiered a contemporary update? To help you find the right menorah design for your living space, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite modern takes on the centerpiece.

Jonathan Adler skyline Menorah, modern menorah design

Jonathan Adler Brass Skyline Menorah ($248) ↑
This hip candelabra designed by Jonathan Adler, currently available on ModernTribe, features hand-welded right angles in polished metal. This urban-inspired mid-century minimalist menorah is the perfect accent for modern interior furnishings.

modern menorah design, Nima Oberoi Lunares Branch Menorah

Nima Oberoi Lunares Branch Menorah ($215) ↑
Nature-inspired design has the potential to withstand fleeting trends, and this branch menorah by Nima Oberoi Lunares is a beautiful fusion of organic form and functionality. The menorah is available in both polished brass and silver, and both shiny metal finishes will add a bit of glamour to the festive evening celebration. Also, each Lunares menorah is made entirely by hand, ensuring no two pieces are alike.

modern menorah design, origami menorah, Studio Armadillo

Ceramic Origami Menorah ($127) ↑
On the opposite end of the spectrum, this clean white ceramic menorah from Studio Armadillo features soft corners and a symmetrical design. The design was inspired by origami, and was originally created in paper. After the desired paper look was achieved the design team transformed their geometric paper menorah into ceramic molds.

modern menorah design, Less & More

Salvaged Oak Wood Menorah ($127) ↑
This modern menorah is handcrafted by the Vienna-based design studio Less & More, and is made from salvaged oak wood. The design was inspired by the traditional menorah design representing the tree of life, and the balance between preservation and renewal. The designer works with the existing “defects” in each piece of wood (e.g. cracks, irregularities, wormholes), to enhance each menorah’s distinctive character.

modern menorah design, Tzad Sheni

Ceramic Flower Menorah ($202) ↑
Sometimes our interiors call for a little extra color, and this is especially true during the holiday season. This beautiful ceramic menorah from Israeli designer Tzad Sheni is comprised of nine vibrant ceramic flowers. With the flowers’ reflective red finish, the piece will look beautiful ablaze with its Hanukah candles burning bright.

modern menorah design

Electric LED Menorah ($45) ↑
While actual fire is part of the Hanukah tradition, these modern times offer less flammable options that are perfect for families with kids or pets. This modern, electric Menorah uses LEDs (always cool to the touch), and is available in a variety of finishes.

modern menorah design

Traditional Menorah with Modern Accents ($98) ↑
Crazy menorah designs are not everybody’s style, but this very traditional Menorah available designed by Roost is updated with modern details, including the long rounded lines and a wooded block base.

modern menorah design, Sari Srulovitch

Sari Srulovitch’s Minimalist Menorah (prices available by inquiry) ↑
Sari Srulovitch is a designer from Jerusalem whose work includes a series of modern menorahs that use minimalism to create simple and clean designs. The handcrafted menorahs are made using a combination of modern technology and traditional silversmithing, including raising, hammering and chasing.

modern cat menorah

Ceramic Cat Menorah ($118) ↑
For all the Hanaukah-loving hipsters out there, this ceramic cat menorah can fulfill all of your ironic norm-core dreams. While it might not be the most beautiful selection, the fun design will bring a playful air into any living space.

modern menorah design

Manhattan Skyline Menorah ($176) ↑
In a city that never sleeps, a holiday that lasts eight nights seems more than fitting—and a Menorah design to match gives us even more reason to celebrate. This Manhattan Skyline Menorah captured the distinct architecture of New York City and made it into a modern menorah. The mini cityscape includes not only architectural landmarks, but also yellow cabs and city busses!



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