Use BrickBox Modular Shelving to Store Books, Create Room Partitions or Move Homes

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Posted On Wed, May 4, 2016 By In Furniture, Green Design, Products

Kazam Design’s BrickBox is a simple yet innovative storage system that consists of wooden boxes designed to easily fit together without screws or assembly. The units can be stacked or arranged to not only provide ample and flexible shelving, but to create sideboards or room separators. Each “brick box” also doubles as a wooden box perfect for transporting your belongings when you move from one space to another.

BrickBox, Kazam Design,

BrickBox, Kazam Design,
BrickBox can also be purchased with useful accessories including doors, shelves legs and wheels, adding to its versatility.

BrickBox, Kazam Design,
Kazam Design is a Barcelona-based furniture and object design company first founded in 2010 by Antxon Salvador. They believe that all good design is fueled by good ideas and they have adopted the motto “ingenious made design.” Their goal is to both design and manufacture useful products that can be sold directly to the public, skipping the middle man.

BrickBox, Kazam Design,

BirckBox is designed and manufactured in Spain. While the company recognizes the cost benefits of manufacturing in Asia, they believe the sacrifice in both principals and values is far more taxing. Not only does manufacturing over seas lead to unsupervised production and unpredictable deadlines, but it also means paying for poor working conditions and using wood from uncontrolled forests. Plus transporting timber from Africa to be processed in Asia and ultimately sold and distributed in Europe is unsustainable at best.

BrickBox, Kazam Design,

Learn more about BrickBox and Kazam Design here.






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