Take a Load Off Anywhere, Anytime with the Chairless Chair

August 25, 2014

You know those instances when your feet are killing you, your back is sore, and all you want to do is sit down, but, of course, there’s not a seat in sight? Well, these uncomfortable dilemmas can now be a thing of the past. In a bid to keep factory line workers more alert and comfortable during long, tedious shifts, Zurich-based startup noonee created the Chairless Chair, a locking leg support device that allows you take a load off regardless of where you are.

With the press of a button, the aluminum and carbon fiber frame of the Chairless Chair can hold whatever position you “sit” in. When not sitting, users can unlock their position to walk normally without even unstrapping the device. But it’s the battery-powered dampening system that really makes this technology successful. It lessens the load on your lower back and legs by supporting your body weight and directing it down to your heels.

Chairless Chair

Interestingly, the product never touches the ground. A belt secures it to the hips, and straps wrap around the thighs. The chair also helps promote good posture and can run for 24 continuous hours on a single 6V battery. Though noonee’s product is still in the prototype phase, Audi and BMW are scheduled to test the chair out on their production lines. And we’d like to test it out on our morning subway commute.

[Via engadget]

Images and video courtesy of noonee

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