October 2, 2023

Fall in NYC: The best of autumn in the Big Apple

As the summer's heat and humidity gradually give way to the cool breeze of autumn, New York City undergoes a stunning transformation. New Yorkers put away their shorts and t-shirts until next year, and pull on their cozy sweaters as they venture out underneath a breathtaking canopy of red, yellow, orange, and brown. Ahead, find our guide to the best of fall in NYC and beyond, from corn mazes and hay rides at farms across the tri-state to mug-holding competitions and oompah music at one of the city's many Oktoberfest celebrations.
the best of fall in nyc
September 29, 2016

Interactive map shows when and where to find fall foliage at its peak

If you want to know when and where you can experience autumn in all its glory, look no further than this incredible map from SmokyMountains.com. The predictive map is the ingenious creation of Wes Melton, an engineer who developed a complex algorithm that can compute several million data points—ranging from historical temperatures to historical precipitation and forecast temperatures—to forecast exactly when fall will reach its fiery perfection in any given county across the United States.
Give the interactive map a try here

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