Real Money Gets Recycled Into New Fabric for Designer Furniture

October 7, 2015

Did you know that most money only has a lifespan of 18 months before it is decommissioned and sent to the incinerator? In reality, your cold hard cash is nothing more than a fancy blend of cotton and linen, and as we move deeper into the digital age, our tactile dollars are being used less and less. So what will happen to our coins and bills when they become obsolete? Well, London-based designer Angela Mathis is thinking ahead with her new project VALUE, which recycles shredded notes to form a new textile that can be applied to a variety of upholstery needs.

angela mathis, recycled money furniture, VALUE

angela mathis, recycled money furniture, VALUE

The project was introduced in July this year for the National Bank. Mathis presents her idea in a series of stools, each containing a combination of several currencies that include the green American dollar, purple English pound, brown Indonesian rupee, and color-dense Euro. In addition to being a cool example of repurposed materials, VALUE provides commentary on the changing state and function of the world economies.

This work is both simple and dynamic, and representative of the artist’s approach to work and life. Check out more from Mathis on her website.


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