Real Estate Wire: NYC is Filled with Illegal Greenhouses; Elle Macpherson UES Apartment

October 17, 2014
  • Is your apartment greenhouse illegal? Some New Yorkers are turning their greenhouses into extended indoor living spaces. [NYT]
  • Elle Macpherson sells her pied-à-terre at East 68th Street for $2.4 million. [WSJ]
  • More developments are coming to Renwick Street in northern Tribeca and people are loving it. [WSJ]
  • Durst Organization is officially the new builder of Hallets Point, Queens. [TRD]
  • 384 Park Avenue could fetch more than $200M, nearly double what Billy Macklowe paid for it back in 2012. [TRD]

Images: New York Times illustration by Brett Affrunti (L); Elle Macpherson’s apartment by Bartomeu Amengual for Wall Street Journal (R)

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