April 25, 2019

This Brooklyn brewery is selling beer made with bagels

Fusing the two favorites of many New Yorkers, Carroll Gardens brewery Folksbier has partnered with Black Seed Bagels to brew a special bagel-based beer. Called Black Seed Glow Up, the Berliner Weisse-style sour wheat beer will be available at a select number of restaurants and bars starting Thursday. Instead of being brewed with wheat, the Glow Up beer includes leftover bagels and honey.
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July 16, 2018

The New York bagel: The ‘hole’ story from history and chemistry to where you’ll find the good ones

A few international symbols of New York City–like the tough cabbie, the expensive apartment and the pizza-snatching rat–need no explanation and are too scary to think about except when absolutely necessary. Others, like the humble-yet-iconic bagel, possess New York City cred, but when asked, most people can’t quite come up with a reason. Bagels weren’t invented in New York, but the party line is that if they're made here, they’re better than anywhere. Some say it’s the water; others chalk it up to the recipe, the method, ethnic preference or all of the above. What’s the story behind the New York bagel? Who are the true bagel heroes? What makes a great bagel great? And those frozen bagels? Blame Connecticut.
Bagel squirrel vs. Pizza rat
April 16, 2018

If you get it sliced, the state gets a cut: exposing the ‘bagel tax’

Next time you hit your local bagel shop, know that if you get your breakfast sliced–or heaven forbid, with schmear–you'll get smacked with an 8.875 percent sales tax. If you eat it in the store, (even if it's still whole), boom, more tax. The folks at Turbotax explain that "the state adds an eight-cent tax to any altered bagels," which includes, "bagel sandwiches (served buttered or with spreads, or otherwise as a sandwich)" or even just sliced for you.
In honor of Tax Day, we ask: What's with this bagel tax?
March 20, 2018

New water filtration system claims it can bring NYC pizza and bagels worldwide

By now you've surely heard that New York City's pizza and bagels stand out because of our tap water. And now a New Jersey company is trying to capitalize on that widely-accepted theory by marketing a water-filtration system that can match the molecular makeup of NYC water, thereby allowing anyone anywhere to replicate our tasty dough (h/t NYP). This past Monday, the $2,890/year New York WaterMaker was unveiled at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, and apparently, it already has the approval of some old-school New York pizza makers.
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September 3, 2014

Daily Link Fix: Sleep on the Job; Toasted or Untoasted Bagels?

Thrillist explores the city’s oldest bars from Fraunces Tavern to McSorley’s Old Ale House TIME tells us why IKEA furniture in their catalogs look so much better than in person Architizer shares Calmspace sleeping pods for your office, which takes the saying “sleeping on the job” to another level Gothamist answers the most important question for […]