POLL: Are You a Lucky 212 Area Code Holder?

December 2, 2015

Come spring of 2017, there will be a new Manhattan area code in town. In addition to 212, 917, and 646, the city will now have 332. The news reignites the strange, only-in-New-York nostalgia and prestige that goes along with a 212 phone number, the original NYC area code. As 6sqft previously described, there are only a couple ways to get your hands on this coveted number: “Use the services of a phone number brokerage like 212areacode.com, which will sell you the number for anywhere from $75 to more than $1,000. You can also get lucky. Time Warner has a few dozen 212 numbers available each month from businesses shutting down or people moving.”

Why are New Yorkers jumping through hoops for 212? “On a practical level, people applying for jobs or making business calls feel that having a 212 area code pop up on the caller ID makes them appear to be well-established locals. Others however, merely enjoy their phone number serving as a conversation piece and source of envy.” What about you?

Images: Via BrocanteBedStuyHOMME (L); Via WNYC/Flickr (R)

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