NYC releases vaccination data by ZIP code

February 16, 2021

Map shows the percentage of residents who received at least one dose of the vaccine by ZIP code as of Feb. 16, courtesy of NYC Health

New York City neighborhoods that have experienced the highest infection rates of COVID-19 are now seeing the lowest rates of vaccination, according to new data released by the city. For the first time, the city on Tuesday published a map of vaccination rates by ZIP code. According to the data, Staten Island and Manhattan have the highest vaccination rates, while “the South Bronx, parts of Central Queens, and Central Brooklyn lag behind,” Dr. Torian Easterling, the city’s First Deputy Health Commissioner, said.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday said over 10 percent of adults in New York City have received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, neighborhoods like Corona, East New York, Brownsville, and Hunts Point have partial vaccination rates of just 3 percent, as of Tuesday. Vaccination rates of ZIP codes on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, Riverdale, Douglaston/ Little Neck, and parts of Staten Island are at 10 percent or higher.

Map of 7-day percent COVID-19 positive by ZIP code as of Feb. 16, courtesy of NYC Health

Earlier this month, the city released preliminary vaccination data, which showed that Black and Latino New Yorkers received far fewer doses of the vaccine than white residents. Throughout the pandemic, communities of color and low-income communities in New York and nationwide have faced higher rates of infection and death from COVID-19 than white people.

Easterling said the new data not only shows where New Yorkers are getting vaccinated but provides a “road map to our covid response.” As a way to address the inequalities, the city opened a mass vaccination site at Citi Field last week with appointments designated for residents of Queens, drivers with TLC licenses, and food delivery workers, and a site at Yankee Stadium for Bronx residents only, in partnership with the state.

A new vaccine hub is set to open on Wednesday at the Teachers Preparatory High School in Brownsville with appointments set aside for East New York and Brownsville residents, as well as home health aides.

De Blasio has pledged to increase outreach and prioritize vaccination appointments for residents of 33 neighborhoods identified by the city as some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. While the mayor has said there’s a problem of “distrust and hesitancy” in some communities about the vaccine, he said the city plans to go deeper into these areas and expand resources and outreach. About 77 percent of all city-run vaccination sites are located within those 33 neighborhoods, according to de Blasio.

As of Tuesday, 1,336,382 total vaccine doses have been administered by the city. De Blasio said he expects 5 million New Yorkers to be vaccinated by June.


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