Make Muzz’s Beautiful Spin Cast Bowls Your Dinnertime Centerpiece

May 23, 2014

You don’t always need fancy machines and high-tech systems to create a jaw-dropping product. Just look at these beautiful, cobalt-streaked bowls from Muzz Design. By using the simple act of spinning, co-founders Erin Turkoglu and Melodi Bozkurt were able to turn otherwise boring dishes into exquisite works of art brimming with history.

Spin Cast Bowl designed by Muzz Design

The Spin Cast bowls are part of Muzz’s Cobalt Blue series, which is inspired by the Istanbul-based designers’ research on Turkish ceramics and the use of the color around the world. Each porcelain vessel contains eight shades of cobalt and white to represent the number of cultures that have showcased the combination.

Spin Cast Bowl designed by Muzz Design

Different shades are poured into bowl and spread by spinning the plaster mold, resulting in one-of-a-kind patterns; as each layer drys, they continue to remain visible.

Other lines in the Colbalt Blue series include a lovely Victorian tea set and vases inked with symbols inspired by countries across Asia and Europe.

+ Muzz Design

Images courtesy of Muzz Design

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