Macy’s 2020 holiday windows honor NYC frontline workers

November 20, 2020

All photos courtesy of Eugene Gologursky/ Getty Images

The first department store in New York City to ever display holiday windows continued its long-standing tradition this week. Macy’s on Thursday unveiled its 2020 holiday windows at its flagship Herald Square store with the theme “Give, Love, Believe.” According to the store, the windows are a tribute to the city’s frontline workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Macy’s describes the display as a “thank you letter to first responders, essential workers, marchers for equality, and New Yorkers who showed their grit, good humor, and hopeful spirit during a tumultuous year.”

There are six window displays this year that are animated and interactive. In addition to praising first responders and essential workers, the windows celebrate the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the uniqueness and diversity of New York.

Macy’s holiday window tradition dates back to 1874 when R. H. Macy debuted the nation’s first Christmas windows at his store on 14th Street. In 1899, the store became the first to feature interactive windows. And nearly 150 years after that first display, all major department stores in New York now boast impressive displays of their own.

To keep crowds from gathering too closely this year, Macy’s has installed social distancing markers in front of each window. The holiday windows will be on display on the Broadway side of the store through January 1.


All photos courtesy of Eugene Gologursky/ Getty Images

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