Light Up Your Home With These Summer-Ready Beach Ball Lights by Toby Sanders

June 20, 2014

Looking to bring a bit of sun and surf indoors? These Beach Ball Lights crafted by British designer Toby Sanders are a fun way to give your home an air of summer all year round.

The whimsical fixtures currently come in two forms: as a dangling pendant light and tabletop lamp. Just like a regular beach ball, the lights — made from ultrasonic welded PVC — are inflated the old-fashioned way: by pumping air into a pop-out blowhole. It’s powered by a cold LED light bulb, which is considered the more eco-friendly successor to CFL bulbs.

Beach Ball Lights designed by TOBYhouse and Toby Sanders

Sanders’ fun approach to housewares is evident in all of his works — check them out on his website or purchase a set of the colorful Beach Ball Lights here.

Images courtesy of Beach Ball Lights

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