Lego celebrates the 25th anniversary of ‘Friends’ with Central Perk set

August 12, 2019

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sitcom Friends, Lego next month will release a new collectible set featuring one of the show’s most important characters: the Central Perk cafe. Available starting September 1, the set includes the cafe’s iconic seating, including the orange couch, armchair, and two chairs. You can recreate the show’s classic moments with seven new Lego mini-figures of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Gunther.

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“Builders can also recreate the stage where Phoebe Buffay performed her songs on guitar (and Ross Geller once played his keyboard), as well as including a brick-built coffee machine, cookie har with two cookie elements, menu board element, and other authentic items,” the press release reads.

The Lego set is meant to look like the Hollywood set where the show was filmed, with two brick-built TV studio light rigs with “translucent light-style elements.” The set was designed by Aymeric Fievet from France, a Lego “Ideas Fan Designer,” a program that allows the company to consider set proposals from fans.

“The challenge was to visualize passages of the series to allow me to recreate the furniture and the characters in as much detail as possible,” Fievet said. “The assembly of this model took me about a week after finding the necessary references.”

The set, which includes over 1,000 pieces, goes on sale September 1 for $60. If playing with Legos isn’t your thing, there are other ways to celebrate the beloved show’s anniversary and its iconic setting.

Pottery Barn has launched a collection comprised of furniture and household accessories inspired by the sitcom, including the apothecary table featured in the show. And a pop-up installation will open next month in Soho that recreates the crew’s apartments as well as Central Perk.


All images courtesy of Lego

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