Just one ‘CityTree’ unit purifies air at the same rate as 275 trees

June 30, 2017

Photo courtesy of Green City Solution’s Instagram

Nearly 90 percent of residents in cities around the world breathe polluted air, which is the single largest environmental health risk, according to the World Health Organization. To address this global problem, Green City Solutions created a mobile installation of specific moss culture that has large surface leaf areas and that can remove pollutants from the air. As Curbed NY reported, this new mossy air filter has been installed in Oslo, Paris, Brussels and Hong Kong. According to the team, CityTree has the same effect as up to 275 trees but requires 99 percent less space and just five percent of the cost.

Green City Solutions, CityTree, Air Purifiying

Founded in March 2014, Green City Solutions is made up of architects, engineers and horticulturalists. Their main goal is to develop efficient and sustainable solutions to improve the environment for cities. Their CityTree product rises about 4 meters high and is completely freestanding. The moss cultures and vascular plant in the filter eat nitrogen dioxide and ozone matter. Each unit contains sensors to collect environmental and climatic data to regulate and control to ensure the plant survives. The solar panels and rainwater retention systems built in the unit allows just a few hours of maintenance per year necessary.

Green City Solutions, CityTree, Air Purifiying

In addition to its environmental benefits, each vertical plant will be able to display visual and digital information for marketing campaigns. Technologies like QR-Code or digital screens will let the system access digital content. Some units include benches and offer other services, like WiFi hotspots or charging stations.

Green City Solutions choose the location of each CityTree carefully, picking spots where pollution is heavy due to traffic and limited air flow. Each CityTree costs about $25,000 and about 20 units have been installed throughout different countries.

[Via Curbed NY]


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