Inspired by Dumpster Living, Kasita Is the Micro-Apartment You Can Take Anywhere

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Posted On Wed, October 7, 2015 By In Architecture, Green Design, Technology

Jeff Wilson’s new design, Kasita, is a radical approach to apartment living. Now like never before you can literally move your entire apartment from one city to the next with the push of a button. The design of the tech-packed home was inspired by Wilson’s radical experiment in apartment living when he spent the better part of a year living in a converted dumpster. The alternative lifestyle was supposed to provide commentary on the excessiveness of the typical single-family house, but it did far more than that.

kasita, mobile apartment, tech-pack home, Jeff Wilson

After ten months of dumpster dwelling, Wilson, who’s also an environmental science professor at the Huston-Tillotson University, identified an interesting opportunity to rework the micro-apartment concept into something totally new and innovative. He recognized that while peeing in a bottle everyday was less than ideal, there were other benefits that dumpster living provided for him. First, he was able to live anywhere he wanted considering the size of his home, which also allowed him to get rid of his car; and second, he significantly trimmed down his possessions to accommodate the lack of space and storage. He used these observations to conjure up the future of the tiny house.

kasita, mobile apartment, tech-pack home, Jeff Wilson

The design team at Kasita set out to create the ideal compact home through an approach deeply anchored in industrial design. Wilson choose to work with industrial designers over architects because he wanted to avoid expected solutions.

kasita, mobile apartment, tech-pack home, Jeff Wilson

The 208 square feet that make up the tiny casa has been carefully crafted to the last cubic inch with a focus on elegance, comfort and function. Seriously, the apartment will literally welcome you home by 
adjusting the A/C, bringing up the 
lights and shades, and queueing your favorite playlist.

Plus once they have the ball rolling in more than one city, you can move your unit from one location to another with your smartphone and the Kasita app. Read more about this awesome project and stay up-to-date as to when a Kasita will be available in your neighborhood on their website.


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  • Alexis_Gloria

    I would love to know how they funded this idea? How did they attract investors? What is the business model?



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