Ingenious Cricket Table by Folditure Flattens to an Inch Thick in Seconds

May 21, 2014

City dwellers are no strangers to folding furniture — they’re true lifesavers when living in tiny, cramped apartments. But while most are functional, few are as beautiful as the fold-up tables and chairs designed by architect Alexander Gendell. His Folditure line (get it?) is not only ingeniously-designed, but each piece — like the Cricket Folding Table — resembles a work of origami art.

Like the rest of the line, the Cricket is built using a pyramid hinge, a new mechanism that allows the table to collapse into a flat, inch-thick board. It’s a revolutionary idea based on an ancient notion — the first folding chair was invented in Egypt in 2,000 BC.

Cricket Folding Table from Folditure

The Cricket is also far sturdier than its oft-flimsy counterparts thanks to the interlocking system. It weighs about 20 pounds and seats two, but can latch onto other Cricket tables to form one long tableau. The best part? When you’re done, the flattened table also has hooks to hang up in the closet.

+ Folditure

+ Alexander Gendell Architecture & Design Studio

Images courtesy of Folditure

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